I am a natural light photographer from The Netherlands. I have lost my heart to photographing weddings and lifestyle shoots for entrepreneurs worldwide. You can describe my style as intimate, spontaneous, romantic and timeless.

My love for traveling started really early. Traveling has always had a prominent place on my bucket list. If you travel with me, it can happen that you occasionally lose sight of me. I am like a small child running after a butterfly: when I discover a new place that I want to capture, you will lose me in no time. I have an eye for beautiful places and settings. I use this when, for example, I photograph a wedding. Then everything comes together: you on your best, on the most amazing day of your life in a setting that completes the photo. Are you getting married abroad? I would love to capture your journey together.

Although I have a lot of experience in photographing weddings and where my full focus has been for the last years, I have been working hard the past year on expanding my portfolio with lifestyle photography. Another passion of mine, in which I wanted to gain more experience. In the meantime, I can say that I have a good feel for capturing entrepreneurs and interior photography and do this with a lot of love. You can also come to me for this.

What I just want to say before I refer you with love to the rest of my website: I think it's amazing that you are taking the time to visit my new website. This means that you are interested in me as your photographer and I want to thank you for that.

Take a look around. If you have any questions: you know where to find me. Already convinced? Let's meet up! I can’t wait to meet you and make some beautiful memories.

Hi, i'm yaira

a wedding and lifestyle photographer 

- I am an interior junkie, I really love beautiful design. I have tons of Pinterest boards on every inch of my dreamhouse.

- Traveling has my heart. When we wander, I'm off searching for the most beautiful places. You might loose me sometimes. Don’t panic, it’s all for the perfect picture.

- I am a sushi addict, but I save these for special occasions. In that way they keep tasting like a piece of heaven every time I have them. Life is a party, but you have to treat yourself to sushi once in a while.

what makes my heart skip a beat?

current dreams:

- Travel to at least 3 new places in the world this year.

- Own a daylight studio to give my clients the images they truly love and don't get interrupted by the rain. .

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